Family Matters / / Overview

This class will lead the families via the Holy Spirit into a fear of the Lord that permeates the family unit. The need for healing, restoration, and reconciliation in families is more evident today than ever. We are in a time when the family is attacked and completely disagreed with in our world due to the lack of fear of the Lord. We have lost the structure and purpose of a family in the Church with skyrocketing divorce rates. We have families that are broken or were never a unit in the first place with no Biblical structure. The problem is not that sin exists but that the Church has not fought for a Biblical family with the unction of the Holy Spirit. We will look at many areas of the family with varying views of the members of our church to see how to bring back a Trinity structure into our home. A Trinity structure is themed around our God for the family unit. We have the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit as the Godhead. We have a father, a mother, and children in the family. This same structure needs to be applied to our families as God is the name of all the families in heaven and earth (Ephesians 3). Each member has an intimacy that follows the intimacy of the Trinity. Each one has a role for the purpose of continued fruit and growth. If any portion of intimacy is misused then the whole unit breaks down and has to be healed, restored, and reconciled again. This will always happen, but how does the family handle it, and how does the family walk through the process? We have lost how to worship as a family unit which is where these three areas continue to be practiced through the Holy Spirit’s presence.

TNBS // Thursday Night Bible Study

Thursday Nights at 7pm PST

A Class on Biblical Family Through Healing, Restoration, and Edification

Families will be united by God in love through the Holy Spirit as the bonding agent in their lives through an in-depth study of Biblical truths; we will see families transformed into the fruit producing entity that is received only through the nature of God.