The Bridge Church Christmas

Family events and fun competition

At the Bridge Church we take Christmas very serious, sort of, but seriously it is a lot of fun around the church at Christmas time.

We kick the season off with a Christmas themed Bible study and end with a traditional candle light service. The in-between is where the magic happens.

This year we have a night of caroling around town, a family craft night, an annual hot cocoa and cookie competition, and all sorts of events to get the Christmas cheer flowing.   

For the full list events, please continue scrolling down the page.

2 Downtown Tree Lighting2 Downtown Tree Lighting
4 Contest Launch4 Contest Launch
6 Family Craft Night6 Family Craft Night
9 Homestead Holidays9 Homestead Holidays
10 A Day out for Parents10 A Day out for Parents
13 Pajama Movie Night13 Pajama Movie Night
16 Hot Chocolate Comp16 Hot Chocolate Comp
18 Ugly Sweater Sunday18 Ugly Sweater Sunday
20 Caroling20 Caroling
24 Christmas Eve24 Christmas Eve