Covid-19 Updates | The Bridge Church

Covid-19 Updates for The Bridge Church

Hello Church Family

Praise God we have had enough financial offering to buy video equipment to live streaming our services! Thank you to those who gave so generously.

Here is our schedule

Our offices remain open for ministry and prayer. Our prayer and ministry team is here if you should feel anxiety, fear or uncertainty in these difficult times. 

Sunday Worship Service at 10am limited in Person and Live Stream
Thursday night bible study
at 7pm in Person and Live Stream
Monday Women’s Group – In person and on Zoom
Monday Men’s Group – In person
Friday Night – praise and worship (1st and 3rd Fridays) In Person and Live Stream
Shawnna/Women’s Ministry – By appointment only
Bridge Kids // Kids Church – In Person
Bridge Kids // After School Program – In Person
Food Ministry – Cancelled until further notice
Youth Cancelled until further notice

* All Times are PST (Pacific Standard Time)

From The Bridge Staff

Face masks are mandatory. Only Double Cotton, N95 or approved medical mask. 

No neck gaiters, no bandanas, no scarfs, no plastic shield, no vents. 

No physical contact. As much as we miss our hugs and handshakes we are not there yet! 

Maintain social distancing.

If you are 65 or older, we do not recommend you attend, but that really is your personal preference.

If you attend as a family, YOU MUST SIT TOGETHER, and your children MUST stay with you. Unless your children attend The Bridge Kids, Kids Church in our Children’s Building Across the street.

The nursery is open for diaper changing and nursing only. 

Depending on the amount of people that attend, assigned seating may be required. Please work with us. We may need to adjust seating due to family sizes. Please exercise the fruit of the Spirit at all times! 

Our hospitality team will be greeting you at the door. Please cooperate with them and be patient as we work through the process of opening and getting better at serving our Church family in these unprecedented times. 

From Pastor Randy Roser

Hello Bridge Family,

The Elder’s, their wives, Shawnna and I pray you are all doing well. These are definitely different times! But through all of it we are excited to see God working in so many ways. From new babies to new lives in the Kingdom of God, we are seeing Him doing amazing things and the testimonies are many!

As you know more than a week ago Governor Sisolak pleaded with the residents of Nevada to follow the CDC guidelines to mask up, social distant and not to have people to their homes for two weeks. It doesn’t appear his pleads were met with open arms. Unfortunately we are seeing the number of people sick with the virus climbing rapidly in Carson City.

The difference between today and seven months ago is we now have people within our Church family who are sick with COVID, rather than just testing positive. Several people and families have symptoms and contracted the virus from outside sources and are quarantined in their homes.

We are in prayer pursuing wisdom and believe it is time to proceed with caution into the future.

We will be Live Streaming services as usual.

We are seeking God for vision and ideas that will allow all of us to stay engaged as we navigate the changing world ahead of us.

I am very proud of how our Elders and Leaders have handled these world changing events all around us.

Please spend time with Him in prayer, worship and continue reading your Bible everyday.

Please check your emails, YouTube and Facebook often to see changes coming soon. Also if you have not clicked on the “Subscribe” tabs on YouTube and Facebook please do. Once you have subscribed you will automatically receive emails when new videos and Live Stream are available.

We love you very much and miss seeing you in person.

May God bless you all through these changing times,

Randy and Shawnna

Here is what you need to know as of today.

We will be streaming to Facebook, YouTube and on our website. You can access our Facebook and YouTube from the top right of our website where our Social Media icons are located. Our offices are becoming the “Hub” for many things. You can call our office phone @ 775-461-0463 for prayer. Email We have servants with servant hearts ready to pray with you.