Covid-19 Updates | The Bridge Church

Covid-19 Updates for The Bridge Church

Hello Church Family

Praise God we have had enough financial offering to buy video equipment to begin live streaming our services! We are working hard to have everything up and running, there is a lot to all of this, camera, computer, software, cables, connections to YouTube and FaceBook. Thank you to those who gave so generously.

Updated 5-20-2020

Here is our schedule

Our offices remain open for ministry and prayer. This is why Shawnna cancelled her appointments so she can available with our prayer and ministry team to be here if you should feel anxiety, fear or uncertainty in these difficult times. 

Thursday night bible study at 7pm – Live Stream Only
Sunday Worship Service at 10am – Live Stream Only
Monday night women’s gathering, men’s gathering and Spanish speaking bible study – Cancelled
Tuesday prayer night at 6:45pm – Still gathering, no more than 10. Fabio will keep us up to date, it could be cancelled soon. 
Wednesday night worship team practice – Will gather, but more than likely a small team. We will be in contact with the team.
Friday night praise and worship (1st and 3rd Fridays) – Live Stream Only
Baptism’s – Cancelled
Shawnna has Cancelled all ministry meetings
Bridge Kids – Cancelled until the School District declares they are virus free.
Food Ministry – Cancelled for two weeks
Youth – Cancelled

* All Times are PST (Pacific Standard Time)

From Pastor Randy Roser

Stay Connected

As we continue in this world of digital church it can be a challenge to stay connected. Right now the internet providers (Spectrum, ATT&T etc…) are working to improve internet connection abilities for everyone. Still today most of Carson City is in and out with internet capabilities. 

Shawnna will attempt the women’s meeting tonight via ZOOM. It may drop out during the meeting. If that happens she will log off for the night and give it a try next week. 

Men’s group-Once we have all this worked out we will bring the men’s group back through ZOOM or another provider. Our ZOOM account does not allow for more than one meeting at a time, and I am not sure all households are setup with more than one smart phone or computer. 

Remember, our meetings are meant to be live streamed. If the internet does not hold up we will load the recorded video. Now, with that being said. We still need to gather as a Church body, do not use the ability to watch it later as an excuse to skip meeting together! I am just saying…

We will be in touch as we work through a new world of internet overload!

Thinking of you all always! Keep pushing into your time with the Lord and grow more and more into Him.

Pastor Randy

Here is what you need to know as of today.

We will be streaming to Facebook, YouTube and on our website. You can access our Facebook and YouTube from the top right of our website where our Social Media icons are located. Our offices are becoming the “Hub” for many things. You can call our office phone @ 775-461-0463 for prayer. Email We have servants with servant hearts ready to pray with you.